Henry Danger

Looking for a part-time job, 13-year-old Henry Hart finds himself helping super hero Captain Man as his sidekick, keeping the secret from his family and friends.

Duration:30 min




Season 1 - Henry Danger
"A 13-year-old boy lands a job as a sidekick to a superhero, and he must now keep his identity a secret."
"As Henry tries to adjust to his new role as Kid Danger, he struggles to balance his schedule between crime fighting, school, family and friends."
"Henry's life as Kid Danger is threatened when Charlotte grows suspicious about the secrets he has been keeping."
"Captain Man loses his powers of invulnerability and he becomes too afraid to fight crime."
"When a suspicious new student shows up at school, Charlotte and Henry think he may be up to something. Captain Man goes undercover as a substitute teacher to learn more."
"When Jasper is Kid Danger for Halloween, Captain Man mistakes him being Kid Danger instead of Henry. So it is now up to Jasper to save Halloween. "
"When Gooch gets a space rock in the shop, he accidentally drops it while eating a corn dog that Charlotte got for them. Well it ends up landing in the man cave nad turns out to be more than it appeared. Instead of a rock its an egg! When Gooch and Captain Man\/Ray explain that they don't know where it is exactly, Charlotte goes over to her tube and says \"Up the Tube\" and leaves. Soon after Henry and Captain Man go up the tube and leave, and so does Gooch. When the alien ends up in Henry's house upon stowing away in his backpack, Captain Man ends up having to help Henry into getting the alien out of the house. Meanwhile, Piper buys fake downloads of Jasper's Bucket Podcast as a way to get even with him for using up the bandwidth that prevented her from getting a free download of the latest Ginger Fox music video."
"An accusation prevents Henry from being invited to a girl's birthday party. "
"Henry believes that he was replaced on the Swellview Honey Badgers basketball team by an older boy named Shawn Corbit who has been recruited by Coach Bix. After losing a one-on-one match that determines who will be point guard, Shawn reveals to Henry that Coach Bix is holding Shawn's Cockapoo hostage in order to get the team to win. At the same time, Captain Man is reluctant to call his former worker Schwoz (who Captain Man claimed to have stolen his girlfriend) when the Man Cave is on the fritz."
"A device in the man cave meant to make men stronger, more powerful, and \"manlier\", strikes Henry when he accidentally pushes a button on the machine. The effect makes him grow facial hair and increases his adrenaline making him angry, eventually turning him \"beastly.\" Captain Man, Schwoz, and Charlotte rush to find Henry but do not arrive before his crazy behavior ruins his date with Chloe."
"Captain Man's invisible friend named Brad visits as Henry and Charlotte meet him. Things get worse when Brad wants to become Captain Man's new sidekick by trying to get Henry to quit. Meanwhile, Jasper fixes up Piper's old playhouse in the backyard so that it can be sold in order for Piper to get a Yo-Pro Camera."
"Henry and Captain Man must deal with the Spoiler, an annoying new teenage supervillain that finds out the endings of TV shows and movies and tells people about it before they see it. Meanwhile, Piper tries to get into the Man Fans (a Captain Man fan club) led by Paula Makioto and goes through the initiation process with the latest one involving get a selfie with Captain Man."
"Henry is volunteered to be on the game show \"Spin and Win\" in order to investigate a string of robberies of prizes stolen from the winners of the show. Meanwhile, Jasper gets a broken nose after Piper accidentally hits him with a \"selfie stick\" when fighting with an usher."
"Henry and Ray think the world is ending when a dormant super volcano under Swellview becomes active. Piper is convinced that she has gluten intolerance."
"When Henry's crush goes on a date with someone else, Schwoz provides an android to make her jealous. Ray has an unpleasant date with one of Henry's teachers."
"Henry, Charlotte and Ray are trapped inside when Jasper accidentally triggers the emergency lockdown mode for Junk-N-Stuff and the Man Cave."
"Kid Danger rescues Bianca and they share a kiss. Henry is upset when he realizes that Bianca kissed Kid Danger."
"After Henry's mother's purse is stolen, Captain Man decides he must move in with Henry's family in order to protect them."
"A villain's dream beam traps Henry in a dream state from which only Charlotte can rescue him."
"Henry gets grounded by his parents for sneaking out. While he and Piper are grounded, a deal is made that if they can go through 24 hours without arguing, they can be ungrounded where failure has their grounding extended to a month. While Henry is indisposed, Charlotte fills in as the acting Kid Danger to help Captain Man out."
"Captain Man tries to boost his image by holding a contest where three winners get a tour of his secret lair."
"Henry and Charlotte want to tell Jasper that Henry is really Kid Danger, so they decide to give him a test secret to prove that he is ready."
"A graffiti gang is spray-painting all over Swellview. While trying to track down a gang leader, Kid Danger is tempted by a cute girl in the gang."
"Captain Man searches desperately for his missing sidekick after Kid Danger goes rogue and joins a gang of graffiti artists."
"When Jasper's summer camp girlfriend comes to town, she quickly grows jealous thinking that Charlotte is in love with Jasper."
"No description"
Season 2 - Henry Danger
"Dr. Minyak makes Charlotte an excessively strong individual who can abduct Kid Danger and Captain Man."
"Henry still has feelings for Veronica but gets jealous when he sees Bianca with a new student. A Mad Granny is terrorizing Captain Man at public appearances."
"Conclusion. Henry has plans to attend the school dance, but Kid Danger must also appear there, which makes Henry's life very complicated."
"When Piper's basketball coach quits, Henry becomes the coach of Piper's team; Henry is challenged by the League Board and its unorthodox rules."
"Henry and Charlotte are in charge of protecting Swellview while Ray is out of town at his cousin's wedding"
"When Kid Danger and Captain Man battle the Time Bandit, Kid Danger accidentally falls into the Time Bandit's time machine and relives the same day over again."
"Henry decides to bring his boss to Swellview's most exclusive restaurant."
"Henry wants recognition for Kid Danger's heroics, especially after Jasper is praised as a hero."
"Captain Man gets arrested and must spend Christmas in jail, so Henry and Charlotte do their best to cheer him up."
"When Kid Danger is almost badly injured on a mission, Henry decides to go through the Densitizer to become indestructible like Captain Man."
"When Henry gets an unexpected side-effect from going through the Densiziter, he must hide the side-effect from his family at dinner while the gang works to help Henry return to his normal self."
"When a video of Henry and Ray transforming into Kid Danger and Captain Man gets out, Henry must go to great lengths to retrieve it and protect his secret identity."
"Henry and Charlotte travel to an opposite universe where evil counterparts of Ray and Schwoz want to destroy Piper."
"When Ray starts behaving strangely, Henry and Charlotte investigate and are surprised to discover the cause of his behavior."
"When Piper gets a mysterious illness, Captain Man must travel back in time to the 1700s to find the only cure."
"Henry has a shape-shifting android fill in at a family dinner so that he can watch an MMA fight with Charlotte and Ray."
"Captain Man, Kid Danger and Phoebe Thunderman infiltrate a secret villain meeting in Swellview; Phoebe discovers an unexpected attendee at the meeting."
"When Henry receives a series of mysterious notes from someone, he begins to worry that the sender may know his secret identity."
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Season 3 - Henry Danger
"When a dangerous pi\u00f1ata winds up at a child's birthday party, Kid Danger and Captain Man must go under cover to step in before it is too late."
"Henry and Charlotte discover things are not what they seem when Captain Man suddenly announces his plans to marry."
"When Charlotte's invention for a TV show is accidentally destroyed and then rebuilt, Charlotte worries that the attention she gets could expose Kid Danger and Captain Man's secret identity."
"When Jasper is falsely accused of a burglary and sent to jail, Henry and Ray must find a way to set him free."
"Captain Man and Kid Danger find themselves in the middle of a debate about Swellview's favorite snack."
"A dangerous criminal escapes from Swellview prison, embarrasses Kid Danger and traps Captain Man in a helmet; Kid Danger must use the help of Schwoz to gain a super power."
"After Henry uses his new power to compete in a Dodge-A-Leen tournament, Ray, Schwoz and Charlotte go under cover to teach Henry a lesson."
"Miss Shapen's niece, Noel, is visiting Swellview and she has Henry offer his house to Noel."
"Captain Man and Kid Danger learn that an astronaut has been taken hostage aboard the Space Station, and set off on a space rescue."
"On the space station, Captain Man and Kid Danger discover a little girl took the astronauts hostage; after realizing the astronauts perform experiments on bunnies, Captain Man and Kid Danger decide to help her."
"When Captain Man finds himself trapped underground, Henry must devise a way to sneak out of his school's standardized testing to save Ray."
"When Ray hears that Piper is going to Junior Anger Management to work on her anger issues, he makes a wager with Henry that he can make her lose her temper before the night ends."
"Ray agrees to let Henry fly his helicopter, but Ray starts to act like a nervous parent; Charlotte, Jasper and Piper find a cotton candy machine."
"After Schwoz creates a disease that accidentally effects Charlotte, Henry, his family, and even Ray, he quarantines them in Henry's house in order to find a cure."
"Charlotte and Jasper must come to the rescue when Captain Man and Kid Danger are each stuck in a hole."
"Captain Man and Kid Danger are invited by a famous Internet celebrity to attend his party, but when they arrive, they discover the party is not what it appeared to be; Charlotte babysits Piper."
"Frankini has announced his plan to unmask Kid Danger and Captain Man."
Season 4 - Henry Danger
"Thinking that Henry is not telling the truth about being sick, Ray plants cameras and microphones in Henry's house to catch him in a lie."
"When Charlotte is challenged to a fight at school, Captain Man and Kid Danger step in to try and help Charlotte defend herself."
"When a report comes out that Kid Danger's super power is actually an illness, Kid Danger has to convince Swellview that it is a huge misunderstanding."
"When Dr. Minyak plans to ruin Double G's worldwide charity concert, Captain Man and Kid Danger join forces with the Game Shakers to defeat Dr. Minyak and keep Double G safe."
"Henry and Ray get a copy of the new Kid Danger and Captain Man cartoon and see that it's horrible; they must hurry to fix the cartoon before its big premiere party."
"Henry and Ray try to help Piper carry out a \u201cmeet cute\u201d with a new boy she likes from school."
"Henry and Ray try to help Piper carry out a \u201cmeet cute\u201d with a new boy she likes from school."
"When Drex prevents Young Ray from ever being densitized in the past, Henry and a now-destructible Ray must take on Drex and help Ray get back his indestructibility."
"When the Vice Mayor cuts Captain Man and Kid Danger's budget to build a high-speed railway in Swellview, the duo must figure out creative ways to save money."
"Kid Danger and Captain Man are called to the Swellview Museum of Stools and Jewels to prevent the rare Neal Diamond from being stolen."
"Charlotte's birthday road trip to see the Boo Man Group perform gets sidetracked by a Captain Man and Kid Danger emergency."
"When The Toddler takes control of the Man Cave, Charlotte and Jasper have to find a way to sneak in and save Kid Danger and Captain Man."
"When a new internet celebrity causes havoc in Swellview, Captain Man has to swap bodies with Frankini to infiltrate his secret lair."
"When Ray runs into an ex-girlfriend, he tries to impress her by pretending that Henry, Charlotte and Jasper are his children."
"Dr. Minyak challenges Captain Man to a spelling bee."
"When a celebrity chef makes a surprise visit to Junk-n-Stuff, Henry and Captain Man are stuck in the man cave and try to get to the store to be on the TV show."
Season 5 - Henry Danger
"While trying to celebrate his birthday, Henry keeps getting interrupted by crimes going on in Swellview."
"After accidentally activating an atomic bomb in the Man Cave, Ray and Henry decide to drive it out into the Swellview desert in order to save their city."
"Captain Man and Kid Danger are upset when a new crime-fighting team emerges in town. However, they discover that the new-duo are their biggest fans. After an unfortunate incident, the Thumb Buddies seek revenge on our heroes."
"Henry is trapped at home with his family while Captain Man heads out to save the founder of TwitFlash; Charlotte and Schwoz put together a mystery that could change the world forever."
"After a criminal steals Kid Danger's superpower and learns his secret identity, goons are sent to Henry's house to attack; while Henry and Ray fight to protect Henry's family, Jasper, Charlotte, and Schwoz work to get his power back."
"Schwoz works to create an anti-virus to stop an evil plan; Kid Danger and Captain Man battle a villain; Kid Danger's heroism is put to the ultimate test as they fight to save the world."
"When Kid Danger publicly breaks his arm, Henry and the gang have to find a way to keep his secret safe."
"When the Knight Squad's archenemy, Ryker, is unleashed on Swellview, Kid Danger and Captain Man take him down to Burger Castle only to be tricked into joining forces with the villain."
"When Piper's school parrot, Otto, starts to repeat that Henry is Kid Danger, Henry and Jasper have to stall until Ray, Charlotte and Schwoz can find a way to fix things."
"Henry's nerves are tested when Piper invites her new boyfriend and his family over for dinner."
"After Schwoz's family reunion causes chaos in the Man Cave, Captain Man reveals a \"Superheroes Only\" room in the Man Cave for peace and quiet. Jealous, Charlotte, Jasper and Schwoz make a cooler room to show them up. As the gang fights over who gets the better room, things get blown out of proportion."
"When the gang befriends Bigfoot in the woods, Kid Danger and Captain Man try to help get rid of a pesky hunter that's been trying to capture him."
"Schwoz invents a vacuum to help Henry clean his house, but it accidentally sucks Charlotte inside; when Henry's family hears Charlotte and thinks the vacuum is haunted, Ray must distract them while Henry finds a way to get her out."
"When Charlotte has a dream where she nearly kisses Kid Danger, she actively tries to avoid Henry for fear of the dream coming true."
"The gang thinks they have found the perfect tunnels to access all of Swellview, until they are confronted by the tunnels' original inhabitants."
"Things get a little buggy when Schwoz installs a new operating system on the Man Cave Computer designed to detect and eliminate threats all over Swellview."
"Kid Danger and Captain Man attempt to capture Mob Boss Rob Moss by infiltrating his daughter's the sweet sixteen birthday party."
"When Captain Man shows up with a cool new massage chair, Henry, Charlotte, and Jasper compete in a series of physical and mental challenges to see who wins the chair."
"When Frankini uses a device to put a musical curse over Swellview, Kid Danger and Captain Man are forced to find a way to stop him. But when Captain Man cracks under the pressure, it\u2019s up to Kid Danger to remind him how to be a hero again."
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25 Jan 2020
"Captain Man, sick of fighting the same old villains, is convinced to make a profile on a match making app for heroes and villains. Kid Danger agrees to do the same and two of them set up a double-fight to square off with some new villains."
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
22 Feb 2020
"Henry tells Piper about all the adventures she missed while he was off fighting alongside Captain Man as Kid Danger. But then Piper, Ray, Jasper, Charlotte, and Schwoz join in and share a few memories of their own."
29 Feb 2020
"Kid Danger reveals to Captain Man that he doesn't want to be stuck in Swellview and be his sidekick forever. To make matters worse, Kid Danger is recruited by another town to be their hero."
07 Mar 2020
"Captain Man's old sidekick and nemesis, Drex, returns from the past with an army of cavemen to finish off Captain Man once and for all. Kid Danger may be the only one who can save Captain Man now."
14 Mar 2020
"Kid Danger and his friends try to figure out how to get Captain Man back from the past, while Drex furthers his scheme to erase Swellview's memory of Captain Man forever."
21 Mar 2020
"Kid Danger and Captain Man battle Drex on top of a blimp to stop him from erasing Swellview's memory of Captain Man. But when the blimp aims straight for the Swellview Baby Hospital, one hero must stay behind to save the day."
"No description"